Belgium: Kortrijk


  • Areas: Station and Kortrijk Weide
  • Mobility during the building phaseskortrijk
  • 3D visualization of the near future, with the ability to interact with citizens



A common framework for the co-creation process

  • stakeholdersNeeded a common frame to talk about the process between different countries & professions
  • Stakeholder approach & analysis steps defined with Createlli, Studio Dott & Assar
  • 4-step process




MVPMVP for a participation app

  • Supports different process steps of urban projects (identification of needs, proposal feedback, construction,…)
  • Allows a stake-holder specific approach
  • Supports exchanges with all stakeholders together or in separated groups (tailored processes)
  • Allows top-down (city-lead) or bottom up (stakeholder initiative) processes


  • Defined by Createlli, Studio Dott, Assar and city of Kortrijk
  • Designed with Studion Dott and participation experts
  • Pilot-test ongoing with city of Mechelen
  • Will soon be used for the project @ Kortrijk

Collaborative City Co-design PlatfOrm

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