Finland: Kouvola


  • Kouvola is a city of about 88,000 inhabitants in Kymenaakso, Southeast Finland. Kouvola is Finland’s tenth largest city.
  • In Kouvola, the urban and the rural live side-by-sidekouvola-2. The Kymi River winding through the region provides the local population and tourists with a setting for recreation, serves local forest industry companies and provides a unique landscape. Kouvola is also a railway city. It is the western terminal of the Trans-Siberian Railway that goes from Europe to Asia, as well as being a significant junction in Finland
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Final demonstrations

Renovation plans

Tool (3D rendering): Mapgets

  • Allows visualisation and integration of different applications for city planning
  • 23 Apps in data visualisation, map enhancement, productivity and smart city categories are already available for Kouvola city on Mapgets



Case study (2016)

C3PO-Kouvola2016 case




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