Turkey: Pendik


  • Area: Downtown Region and Urban Transformation Area in Pendik/İstanbul
  • 3D Visualisation of the area and Interaction with the new 3D models of the buildings through Augmented Reality
  • What-if simulations
    • How the vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be affected after urban trasnformation
    • How city dynamics differ in short and long term? Crowd distribution around schools, hospitals, mosques, street markets, etc in quiet time and rush hours of a day.
  • What do people think about new urban transformation plans?
    • Social media statistics, opinion analysis
    • Citizens’ participation to decision-making processes

Final demonstration


3D flight video over Pendik

2D visualization of the urban transformation plan and data models

Pendik urban_trnsformation area

Case study (2016)

C3PO-Pendik case




Collaborative City Co-design PlatfOrm

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