With five billion people likely to be living in cities by 2020, the challenges confronted by urban design can be tackled to no small degree by ICT through a Cloud collaborative and semantic platform for city co-design. This is the goal of the C3PO platform that covers the whole urban project development process whereby cities empower, encourage and guide different stakeholders to co-develop an urban project.

Addressing the Challenge

The urbanisation challenges posed to cities are immense: mitigating risk through better planning and prediction, integrating a new ecological context and mediating a range of stakeholders with vested interests (citizens, leaders in cities, architects, etc.) engaged in the urban development. C3PO is an open data-driven marketplace built around an infrastructure to facilitate interactions and transactions between stakeholders and ICT companies.

Proposed Solutions

InformationFlowThe ITEA 2 C3PO project will utilise existing applications and data sources, overcoming the limitations of current solutions
in city co-design through integrating multi-dimensional information, design cooperation, dynamic simulation, versatile reporting and visualisation, and providing repository and platform scalability. As an open system C3PO will use standard and open API (Application Programming Interface) technologies and allow open access to its data assets. Thus C3PO offers a valuable opportunity for ICT companies that can extend the platform to cover the different steps of city co-design as well as benefit from a much larger dataset, making C3PO more attractive and encouraging the development of new applications.

Projected Results and Impacts

C3PO will create value for the main actors involved in the C3PO ecosystem. Cities will be able to reduce both the cost and duration of their decision- making process and mitigate urban development risk through better planning and prediction. For citizens, participation in the city’s decision-making process can enhance their living environment and sense of belonging as well as enable new ways for them to co-participate in the development of their environment. New business opportunities will be created for ICT companies by enabling new applications based on multi- domain collaborations: vertical integration, applications exploiting smooth and efficient data exchange between multi- domain stakeholders, and enhanced application value to current customers. Data providers will also gain in a win-win situation by making their data assets available to C3PO.


  • 3 years
  • Start: 01 Dec 2014
  • End: 30 Nov 2017

Programme & Funding

C³PO is an ITEA2 project from call 8 (reference: 13016). ITEA2 is an Eureka cluster. The project is being managed by ITEA3.

Partners receive public funding from their local funding agencies:

  • Belgium: IWT (Flemish partners), Innoviris (Brussels partners)
  • Finland: TEKES
  • Turkey: TÜBİTAK


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